Working with David

"I gravitate to what grabs my mind's eye. Finding something beautiful or aesthetic is just part of it. I want the image to grab you. Shock you. Maybe it just makes you laugh. Whatever it is, I want you to pause and think. Take a moment and come be a part of the weirdness, beauty and awe." - David

What's involved with a shoot? It's pretty simple. There are three parts of a shoot for clients.

  • Consult - Every shoot starts with a conversation about what you have in mind and David's thoughts on how to make your shoot outstanding. Any preparation, stylist or wardrobe ideas and preferences will be covered then. You will also select the type of products you will want so the images can be shot with the end result in mind.
  • The Shoot - This is your professional shoot, so make the most of it. Be yourself and have fun! 
  • Image Selection - After the shoot you will review the images and make selections. Delivery dates for your photos is provided at the time of selection.